AUTOR: Benny Correia

DATA: 16.09.2022



Cut to the Feeling- Yawning Portal
Clown Cleaner- Neggy Gemmy
Get Well- Pearly Drops
Stay Open- Cecile Believe
Dreamcatching- Magdalena Bay
Body Godly- YULLOLA
crush- Planet 1999
Telephone Light- Casey MQ, Petal Supply
Used To Know Me- Charli XCX, yunè pinku
54321- April
Volvo- Namasenda
LiiTE_13-37 w/ iglooghost- BABii, Iglooghost
Be Your USA- EASYFUN, liris
Staring at the Ceiling- Hannah Diamond
Trailblaze- Cowgirl Clue
After the After(Bodysync Remix)- CFCF, Bodysync
cloud 9- Donatachi, cookii
Planet Pleasure- moistbreezy