AUTOR: Diogo Barbosa

DATA: 04.03.2024


A viagem deste Smoker foi centrada no Hardcore e Mathcore, depois de no mês de Janeiro termos tido na nossa emissão programas bem especiais com Milk, The Garage Radio Show, um programa original da Bay FM, na Austrália. Os passageiros deste regresso foram:


Gaza – Not With All Hope In The World (No Absolutes In Human Suffering – 2012)

Duck Duck Goose – Cosmis Kidd Nappers (Off Yourself – 2010)

Me And Him Call It Us – Headache (Loss 1.0 – 2006)

Ed Gein – She Creeps (Bad Luck – 2011)

The Number Twelve Looks Like You – Of Fear (Wild Gods – 2019)

The Great Redneck Hope – They Say The People Elect The Government They Deserve, But I Don’t Remember Knife-Raping Any Retarded Nuns (Splosion – 2003)

The Secret – Heretic Temple (Agnus Dei – 2012)

As The Sun Sets – 77 (7744 – 2002)

Heavy Heavy Low Low – Please, That Bitch Will Outlive Us All (Turtle Nipple And The Toxic Shock – 2008)

Destroyer Destroyer – Error (Littered With Arrows – 2007