AUTOR: Pedro Cosme

DATA: 09.06.2021



nthng – Wrath Of The Demon [Lobster Sleep Sequence]

HTRK – Antitwilight II [Boomkat Editions]

Age Eternal – Decay [Instruments of Discipline]

nthng – Unfinished [Lobster Sleep Sequence]

Kali Malone – Fantas for Two Organs [Editions Mego]

nthng – Son [Lobster Sleep Sequence]

HTRK – Antitwilight I [Boomkat Editions]

Ana Roxanne – Take the Thorn, Leave the Rose [Kranky]

Félicia Atkinson – You Have To Have Eyes [Shelter Press]

Celer – The Carved God is Gone; Walking Above the Pileus Clouds [Infraction]

HTRK – Wonders of New Technology [Boomkat Editions]