AUTOR: Lexi Narovatkin

DATA: 20.02.2021



Loke Rahbek – The Happening Caused Public Hysteria, 1970
Puce Mary – Rubber Therapy II
Matriarchy Roots – Third Gender
SPK – Despair
Raksha Mancham – Portrait In Black
Sigmund Und Sein Freund – Eat My Pussy
Rosa Nebel – Morbid Self-Attention
Prostitutes – Cuyahoga Frankenstein
Nightmare Lodge – My Iceberg’s Orgasm
Anna Gardeck – Rubber Rituals
Loke Rahbek – America Disfigured
Puce Mary – Ultimate Hypocrisy II

+ excerpts of an interview with a woman suffering from gender dysphoria, conducted in 1968