AUTOR: Tiago André Sue

DATA: 17.05.2021


Jimmy Witter – Aaaaahhhhh!
Charlie Feathers – Get With It
Ken Cook – Problem Child
Ruby Ann – One More Time
The Phantom (Nick Todd) – Tiger
Portuguese Pedro – Coola Boola Bop
Gene Ross – Everybody’s Trying To Kiss My Baby
Bing Day – Pony Tail Partner
Dennis Herrold – Hip Hip Baby
Ray Mc Coy – I Need It
Laura Lee Perkins – Kiss Me Baby
Jamie Coe – School Day Blues
Joe Penny – Bip A Little, Bop A Lot
Jack Earl – Take To Me That Place
Carl Perkins – Put Your Cat Clothes On
Lew Williams – Cat Talk
Jody Chastain – Jody’s Beat
Junior Thompson – How Come You Do Me
Tédio Boys – Teddy Boy Boogie
Hayden Thompson – Blues Blues Blues
Texabilly Rockets – Dynamite Love
BIll Allen – Please Give Me Something
The Ventures – Twisted
Freddy Cannon – If You Were A Rock’n’Roll Record